Iggy Azalea Deletes Social Media Accounts Following The Leaked Nudes

Iggy Azalea Deletes Social Media Accounts Following The Leaked Nudes
Credit: Source: VOX

It was recently reported that Iggy Azalea's nude pics have been leaked. The photos were from a 2016 GQ photoshoot and the leak was obviously without her consent.

Yesterday, she wrote a note on her now-deleted Twitter account in which she was explaining to people how bad she's feeling after what happened.

She deleted both her Instagram and Twitter accounts, but her fans believe that she will eventually be back.

'Today I’m a ball of negative emotions,' she wrote, as reported by Hollywood Life.

She continued saying, 'I feel blindsided, embarrassed, violated, angry, sad and a million other things. Not solely because I did not consent to this — but also because of the vile way people have reacted. A lot of the comments I see from men, in particular, taking things even further and sharing their thoughts and fantasies in regards to my body has honestly disturbed me. The outright wicked things people say is overwhelming & makes me feel like throwing up.'

Her message continued and explained that she has been humiliated in front of her family and all of her loved ones.

She said that this whole thing was like a nuclear bomb which explodes and does more than destroy someone emotionally.

She said that such a thing can also destroy your personal life and your relationships with the people in your life.

There is reportedly a hashtag called #RespectIggy that began trending on Twitter.

The truth is that no one deserves to have their privacy violated in such a way.

Let's hope that Iggy is okay and when she is able to get over this, she also comes back to her social media fans.

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