If Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Move To Canada - Canadian Tax Payers May Have To Pay The Security Bill Experts Claim

If Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Move To Canada - Canadian Tax Payers May Have To Pay The Security Bill Experts Claim
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This past Thursday, experts claimed that if Meghan Markle and Prince Harry really move to Canada, it could cost Canadian taxpayers millions of dollars.

On Wednesday, earlier this week, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry revealed they were going to back down from their senior positions in the royal family . The move sent a shockwave throughout the entertainment media, considering its abrupt nature.

New reports claim Meghan and Prince want to live in the country to the north following their exit from the United Kingdom's royal family. Fans of Meghan know she spent a lot of time in Toronto filming the USA Network television series, Suits.

Experts who spoke with Reuters pointed out that if Meghan and Prince Harry really do move to Canada permanently, the government will have to pay their extensive security bill. Canada is just one of many Commonwealth nations that use the Queen as their head of state.

Larry Busch, who was once an RCMP officer who looked after security for world leaders, stated that he doesn't believe it's possible for them to deny the security offered by the Canadian government.

Mike Zimet, whose security firm handles the protection of stars like Bernie Sanders, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Alec Baldwin, claimed that the bill could cost millions. Another expert claimed the amount of money necessitated would depend on the level of threat.

The security head stated that chief among those concerns would be the possible kidnapping of their baby, Archie, who's 8-months-old. He added it would be a "major situation," especially in the case of terrorists and political extremists.

In recent news, Meghan and Harry, who just spent the last month and a half hanging out in Vancouver, Canada, claimed they wanted to work toward being financially independent and autonomous. It's not clear how they'll go about paying for their security.

As it was noted above, Meghan and Prince Harry announced they were leaving the royal family on Wednesday. Reportedly, Meghan and the Prince were not getting along with the rest of the family. Even the relationship between Prince William and Harry had become increasingly strained.

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