Idris Elba's Wife Confirms She Also Has COVID-19 -- Here's Why Sabrina Dhowre Is Being Slammed

Idris Elba's Wife Confirms She Also Has COVID-19 -- Here's Why Sabrina Dhowre Is Being Slammed
Credit: Source: Sky News

It seems that after Tom and Rita Hanks' COVID-19 diagnosis became public knowledge, Hollywood Coronavirus cases have been pouring in. Idris Elba was another major celebrity to reveal his battle with the illness and now his wife has also tested positive.

Sabrina Dhowre has confirmed to Oprah Magazine that she has Coronavirus but has been asymptomatic which is one of the scariest things about this virus.

'Actually, I found out this morning, Oprah, that I tested positive. I wanted to be with him. That’s the instinct of a wife. You want to go and take care. I don’t feel anything that would come to what people would now expect to be a symptom of coronavirus, which is really strange. It might change in the coming weeks, and we’ll keep everyone updated. But it is worrisome that we’re sitting here, two people, and … we’re asymptomatic.'

While the two are using this situation in isolation to spend quality time with each other, some people find it problematic.

The first reason being that some think that once Idris tested positive, Sabrina should not have voluntarily placed herself in harm's way and Elba shouldn't have let her.

However, the main problem is that it's extremely hard for the average person to get tested for the virus even if they have symptoms -- so why were two people who were asymptomatic able to get tested so quickly?

Social media has felt the same way when a slew of basketball players and politicians were tested for the frightening respiratory illness.

Commentators took to TMZ to express their feelings.

One Facebook user wrote: 'Sad that she has the virus as well. But yet again another celebrity who had access to a test!  😕 I won't get tired of saying this money talks!!! So many people being turned away and yet so accessible for them! I still feel if you test everyone and isolate the sick it might help! I feel at this rate this will be the norm for the rest of the year! Some year 2020! '

Another said: 'Yes I’d like how all these famous people were able to get tested immediately !?! I work in the health industry and we have patients that have obvious symptoms and we’re not able to get tested because they “did not fit the criteria” but now that they are unconscious and intubated, they were able to get tested!  😡 this makes me really mad!!! Now they are fighting for their lives. Shame shame shame!!!'

This user added: 'But we wasted testing her? She should have been presumed positive. Many people can’t get tested that are having symptoms because they are not meeting testing guidelines. Yet we see many famous people without symptoms can?  🤣 What a joke I have to tell people everyday no you can’t be tested sorry just monitor your symptom.'

Hopefully, Idris and Sabrina have a speedy recovery and there are tests made available for everyone soon.


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