Idris Elba Stops Off At NYC Nightclub Where He Used To Work As A Bouncer

Idris Elba Stops Off At NYC Nightclub Where He Used To Work As A Bouncer
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According to a report from Page Six, Idris Elba made a surprise stop at his former employer's place at Caroline's on Broadway Monday night. Mr. Elba made a pit-stop with his family in The Funniest Show on Broadway around 9:30 pm.

A source said to the publication that Mr. Elba was being very "gracious" with other attendance members and he talked to a couple of people who still worked there when he was an employee before going on to worldwide fame as a movie star.

Elba, who is currently gearing up to star in the film adaption of Cats, took a second of his time to pose for a selfie with one of the comedians who will also appear on the show.

Back in March, the 46-year-old actor said - while hosting Saturday Night Live - that when he first moved from the United Kingdom to the United States, he worked as a bouncer at the front entrance of a club. Approximately twenty years ago, the actor explained, he was "working down the street from this building on Broadway."

Mr. Elba admitted to meeting a lot of cool people, moreover, he met "contacts" by selling marijuana. These days, as it was noted above, Elba has gone on to international success in movies. Moreover, some of his fans have even suggested for him to take the role of Daniel Craig once he leaves the James Bond franchise.

While Idris certainly enjoyed the rumors, he later came out and insinuated it wasn't happening. Elba also works as a DJ and even had a set at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding reception last year as well as Coachella.

According to multiple reports, Harry walked up to the actor one day and asked him simply if he would be interested in DJing his wedding. Getting back to his appearence at Coachella, Twitter was elated by the fact he was a DJ with some saying that he "could do anything."

Some people on social media, however, suggested the Twitter mentions, while good-intentioned, were a bit patronizing. One person wrote, "it seems like a lot of these people are taking the praise a little bit too far on account of him being a black man."

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