Idris Elba Says It Wasn't Until Recently That Other Races Began Finding Him Attractive

Idris Elba Says It Wasn't Until Recently That Other Races Began Finding Him Attractive
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According to Idris Elba, only recently have other people of differing ethnic backgrounds begun to find him attractive. After receiving People Magazine's honor for "Sexiest Man Alive," the 46-year-old actor spoke about how he isn't considered conventionally beautiful in other areas of the globe.

According to the star, when going to the Spot, which was a nightclub in London in the 1990s, people may have believed the interviewer who asked him the question was attractive, but in Newcastle, what they consider alluring is different.

When he finally went to the United States, he found that black women considered him as an attractive man, but only recently, have other women started to think he's good-looking. Speaking on getting older, Idris noted that he has become quite vain and has noticed how much aging has affected his appearence.

Speaking with the Daily Telegraph, the star said he began to notice differences in how he felt when he was a 29-year-old man. For instance, things stopped healing as quickly. Speaking on the #MeToo movement, he said it's not harder to be a man unless you have something to hide.

Considering Elba has become famous all over the Western world in the last ten years, he has reflected on what it's like to be an infamous actor, and he thinks it may just be a little bit too much. With that said, however, he's thankful people notice him for his work.

The star said there was a significant difference between "being in the public's eye," and is celebrated for one's work. If he could go back, he wouldn't be in the public's eye anymore.

In the past, Idris was even considered for the next James Bond movie. However, it appears that he won't be getting the job, despite a few different media reports suggesting it was possible. Some people criticized the decision, due to James Bond's history as a British caucasian man in the aristocracy.

But in the modern era, the socio-economic class is no longer intrinsically tied to race, so doors are being opened for others to take on formerly unavailable roles. Putting that aside, at least Elba can take pleasure in knowing that he is an attractive man to many kinds of women now.

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