Idris Elba Reveals How Prince Harry Smoothly Asked Him To DJ At The Royal Wedding

Idris Elba Reveals How Prince Harry Smoothly Asked Him To DJ At The Royal Wedding
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Even though there was a ton of hype and media hysteria surrounding the royal wedding last year, according to new reports, Prince Harry managed to play it relatively cool when it came to booking the DJ for the event. Despite the sensationalism surrounding his big day, the British royal handled it well.

During an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' show on Wednesday, Idris Elba sat down with the host and revealed precisely how the Prince asked him to be the DJ at their wedding. Elba revealed he and Harry go way back, but actually through Harry's father.

Apparently, Prince Harry's father helped Idris out through charity, and Harry went to a few parties where Elba was the DJ. Regarding the wedding planning, Harry apparently sauntered on up to him and asked the actor if he was booked.

Harry asked him nonchalantly: "Hmm, would you DJ at my wedding?" Idris wondered if he was joking because he didn't expect him to ask. Not only did Elba go to the ceremony, but he also acted as the DJ for the reception.

Apparently, Elba's career as a DJ has exploded in recent years, in fact, he's slated to perform at Coachella of this year. Nearly every facet of Elba's career has taken off in the last few years, but his career as an actor is how he made a name for himself.

Recently, Elba claimed in an interview that, following People Magazine's role for him as the "Sexiest Man Alive," he came to realize that this was a modern phenomenon. In other words, it was only until recently that other women from other races began finding him attractive.

Idris' status as a great actor, who also happens to be good looking, even had people on social media hoping for him to take Daniel Craig's position as James Bond. Some people were thrilled with the idea, while others were not so happy.

Idris wasn't the only celebrity to attend the royal wedding last year. Meghan Markle's ties to the Hollywood world are numerous due to her time as an actress.


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