Ice-T's Wife, Coco Austin, Looks Like Royalty In New Photos In Skin-Colored Outfit -- She Is On Top Of Her Game

Ice-T's Wife, Coco Austin, Looks Like Royalty In New Photos In Skin-Colored Outfit -- She Is On Top Of Her Game
Credit: Credit: Instagram

Ice-T's wife's recent activity on Instagram left her fans in awe, as Coco Austin shared a couple of new pictures on the social media platform at the beginning of the month.

In the photos, the glamour model showed off her bright pink hair and put her ample assets on display, as she wore a beige shirt with a plunging line that left little to the imagination.

The rest of Coco's attire included pants in the same color as the shirt and sneakers.

The 40-year-old mother of one posed for the camera while sitting on a luxurious throne with pink and silver ornaments. Besides, a tall mirror could be seen behind the celebrity with the words, "Mirror Mirror On The Wall" written on it.

Coco captioned one of the photographs in a probable reference to the writings on the mirror, as she described her post with "Mirror Mirror…".

In the other snaps, which were taken from a slightly different angle, the spouse of Ice-T seems much more comfortable, as she has one leg on the arm handle of the throne.

Coco captioned her post with the statement that even though she was not wearing heels this time, she was always in "Coco mode."

As a result, Coco's pictures quickly gathered thousands of likes, and soon, positive comments started to pour in, with people praising her good looks.

A fan of the model even stated that she looked like "The Queen of her Throne," while many others asked if the pink coloring of her hair was permanent or what type of dye she was using.

A second supporter claimed: "Omg, your a vision of heaven gorgeous as always love the outfit P.S.youtoo, baby girl."

This backer shared: "Your figure is insane, even sitting down. I admire your dedication. I can think I wear makeup once a month. Lol. And you can tell when my airway was based on my grey roots. 😅😄😃Always an inspiration. 😻"

Another follower stated: "Hottest woman on the planet 😍😩🌎, I don't think I've ever seen you when you weren't in heels. I thought your house slippers were heels... with toe cleavage, of course."

The media personality is on top of her game and she knows it. Critics have nothing on her.

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