Ice-T Says That He's Never Eaten A Bagel And The Internet Is Shocked

Ice-T Says That He's Never Eaten A Bagel And The Internet Is Shocked

Ice-T shocked his legion of fans when he revealed a surprising piece of information about himself. A fan online wanted to know what his favorite kind of bagel was, and the Law and Order: SVU star stated that he's never actually eaten one before.

The legendary rapper/actor said he has  "never eaten a bagel in my life." Additionally, Ice-T, or Tracey Lauren Marrow, stated that he has never tried coffee before either. It's just not his thing.

"I've never drunk a cup of Coffee either, go crazy." Following his tweets, the company, Philadelphia, used the opportunity as a way of self-promotion, offering the SVU star a taste of the carbohydrate-ridden goodness.

Philadelphia's social media account tweeted out that they would love to send him some bagels and cream cheese. Everyone on Twitter went on to say they were surprised he had never tried either of those products before.

Perhaps, the most surprising aspect of this story today is the fact that Ice-T plays a cop on television and yet he's never had coffee or a bagel. As fans of his have come to know, he's had a starring role on Law and Order: SVU for over ten years, a quite ironic role considering he had a song from 1992 with his group Body Count, called "Cop Killa," which sparked much controversy at the time.

One user wrote, "Ice, this might end our friendship." Furthermore, another fan pointed out he may have been lying, because, in an episode from a while back, Ice-T's character eats a cinnamon raisin bagel.

As it was previously reported, the contrast between Ice-T's identity on television and in real life has been illuminated before. The rapper was pulled over in New York by Port Authority police for not paying a toll fee while on the George Washington Bridge.

Police charged him with theft of services, and he was later released on his own recognizance. Ice-T was driving a brand new McLaren, and for that reason, he didn't have all of the necessary papers. He explained that just because he plays a cop on TV, it doesn't mean they show him any leniency in real life.

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