Ice-T And Mariska Hargitay Mourn The Loss Of Law & Order: SVU Member From Coronavirus

Ice-T And Mariska Hargitay Mourn The Loss Of Law & Order: SVU Member From Coronavirus
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On Thursday, one of Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T's co-workers on Law and Order: SVU passed away due to complications from COVID-19, Page Six has learned. The 45-year-old costumer for the long-running crime-drama, in addition to Madam Secretary, died after fighting with the coronavirus, Warren Leight explained.

Leight took to his social media recently to reveal the sad news, stating that he had "very sad news today."

Mariska Hargitay also commented on her co-worker's death. You can see what she had to say in the tweet shown below:

Ice-T, who first came to prominence in the entertainment industry as a rapper, revealed that he worked with the costumer nearly every day. The rapper-turned-actor then urged the public to take the coronavirus more seriously.

As most know, this won't be the first time the coronavirus killed someone who worked closely with celebrities in the entertainment industry. On the 20th of March, Todd Malm revealed that NBC chiefs announced the death of one of their employees.

Page Six was the first to report on the statement from Andy Lack, the NBC chairman, who said that a longtime technician at the network passed away after contracting COVID-19. After he tested positive for the coronavirus, he died while in intensive care.

The NBC boss said his name was Larry Edgeworth, and he worked with the network for many years. At the time, he struggled with a pre-existing condition which made him susceptible to additional complications. As most know, the elderly and individuals with prior health problems are at the highest risk of death.

Lack praised the former audio technician, writing that he was easily one of the most beloved people who worked with NBC. Many people who worked with him said he was a "gentle giant." He was the kind of guy, Lack explained, who would give you the shirt off his back if it meant helping out.

As it was previously reported, NBC shut down the production of many of their most popular series when state-level and federal government first revealed the situation was worsening.

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