Ice Cube Says People Have Accused Him Of 'Selling Out' During Every Part Of His Career

Ice Cube Says People Have Accused Him Of 'Selling Out' During Every Part Of His Career
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Ice Cube sparked the ire of black Americans this month when it was revealed that he had started working with the Trump administration. Page Six says the former NWA member helped kick off a new "Platinum Plan" with the president of the United States, but not everyone is happy about it.

Ice Cube joked on his Twitter account today that being a "sellout" has always been a thing throughout his life. He stated that when he first started taking the bus to school, people called him a "sellout," and when he started rapping in 1983, people did the same thing.

Cube joked that gangsters called him a sellout when he started working with NWA, and when he left NWA, they called him a sellout then too. It's continued in the same vein throughout his entire life, and it intensified when he started doing movies in Hollywood.

As it was previously reported, Ice Cube took to his Twitter account this week to address the accusations made by some people on social media after Katrina Pierson thanked him for working with the Trump administration on a new program designed to help African-Americans

According to the 51-year-old legend, he has worked with both political parties this past year, the Democrats and the Republicans. He doesn't know who is going to win, but he's going to make sure that some good is done for black Americans.

Ice Cube says black people across America need to push the leaders in the White House, whoever it may be, to make changes for the benefit of their community. The rapper went on to say that he believes the Democrats owe black people.

Reportedly, the Trump administration's "Platinum Plan" will increase spending in African-American communities by around half-a-trillion dollars. Even though this is good news, Ice Cube has since been the subject of vitriol on Twitter and other platforms.

Fans of the rapper have begun drumming up old posts from him in which he said he would never work with the president, ever. Obviously, Ice Cube has chosen to take a different path and instead, try and work within the system rather than against it.

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