Ice Cube Comments On His Involvement With Trump Administration Again - 'Y'all Won't Help Me'

Ice Cube Comments On His Involvement With Trump Administration Again - 'Y'all Won't Help Me'
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Earlier this month, Ice Cube , the former NWA member who went on to great success in the entertainment industry following his very successful career in the rap game, announced he had been working with the Trump administration in an effort to help black Americans.

While his decision was undoubtedly motivated by benevolence, the rapper has come under fire from his fans, especially because of his past comments in which he said he would never work with the derided president no matter what.

Apparently, fans have taken issue with Ice Cube's "Contract With Black America," which hammered out goals for black Americans and the Trump administration to work toward. Even though the Republican Party has thanked Ice Cube for his support, the rapper conceded he wasn't a fan of the president.

According to Ice Cube , he reached out to both teams about working on a deal, but it was the Trump administration who first expressed interest. Initially, Cube wanted to wait until after the election, but the Trump team was quick to the draw.

During his chat with the hosts of Cocktails with Queens, Ice Cube explained to the hosts why he didn't include black women in his "Contract With Black Americans." The rapper said they were included, because the term, "black people," refers to black women as well, "so don't count yourself out," the rapper remarked.

This led to a brief argument among the hosts and social media users who went on to press Ice Cube on his views and his opinions. Ice Cube then told them they could add their own measures to the program if they wanted, but Claudia Jordan said it should've been him who did it in the first place because he was the one who created it.

As it was noted above, the women on Cocktails with Queens aren't the only black public figures to take issue with Ice Cube's recent foray into the political realm.

DL Hughley, the standup comedian, also blasted Cube for being "unqualified" to work on such matters. It looks like the rapper is finding it a challenge to find supporters within his own community.

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