Ian Cognito - Comedian Dies During Stand-Up Number And People Laugh Thinking It Was Part Of The Act!

Ian Cognito - Comedian Dies During Stand-Up Number And People Laugh Thinking It Was Part Of The Act!
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Yesterday, while on stage delivering a stand-up routine, comedian Ian Cognito, unfortunately, lost his life but given the circumstances, people thought it was just part of his act and actually laughed! The British stand-up comedian was only in his early 60s.

Daily News was the first to report that he unexpectedly died during a performance in England, yesterday, April 11.

Furthermore, other comedians took to social media to confirm Ian’s tragic passing, mentioning the fact that it was a huge shock for the fans in the audience to realize they had unknowingly witnessed his death.

Fellow funnyman, Jimmy Carr tweeted that ‘The audience thought it was part of the act. Died with his boots on. That’s commitment to comedy. I’ll never forget his kindness when I started out and how god damn funny he was.’

Jim Smallman, another stand-up comedian, posted his condolences as well, tweeting that Ian hwas ‘A proper comedy legend.’

BBC reports that in the middle of his performance, Ian went to take a seat.

He went on to ‘lay back for five minutes,’ time during which the audience just laughed, thinking that it was all part of the act.

John Ostojak,  who was there, told BBC that ‘We came out feeling really sick, we just sat there for five minutes watching him, laughing at him.’

When they realized something was really wrong, a staff member called an ambulance while others attempted to give him CPR.

The audience was, of course, asked to leave.

The venue’s owner, Ryan Mold told BBC that, unfortunately, the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Paul Barbieri [Ian’s real name,] had been performing in different clubs since the mid ‘80s and his sudden passing is a shocking and painful experience for the fans of his comedy.

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