Hurricane Irma Destroys Robert De Niro's Hotel As Well As 90 Percent Of Barbuda

Hurricane Irma Destroys Robert De Niro's Hotel As Well As 90 Percent Of Barbuda

Another day, another hurricane! After the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, the island of Barbuda was hit by Hurricane Irma which destroyed 90 percent of its structures and killed one person according to ABC News.

In a report from the news organization, the hurricane - which was ranked at Category 5 - caused "widespread damage" to the island which holds around 1,600 people.

Gaston Browne, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, said the island is no longer habitable.

Although the cost of the damage doesn't come close to that of Houston, Texas - which was valued at $180 billion - the chief-in-command added to repair the infrastructure and homes would cost around $150 million.

He added, "it is no exaggeration," the country has been brutalized.

Robert De Niro, the Hollywood actor who is a principal shareholder in the Paradise Found Nobu Resort, said he would do what he can to help rebuild the torn up island.

Although the media has discovered information on the effect of the hurricane, communication with the island is difficult as the means of contact has been reduced to nothing.

Browne added it was incredibly difficult to send supplies to the island because it's still dangerous in the area.

Hurricane Irma also ripped through the French speaking region of St. Martin.

In a report from The Guardian, the publication stated the island had been 95 percent destroyed.

Daniel Gibb, an official who works for Radio Carribean International, claimed it is an enormous catastrophe resulting in ruined infrastructure and several casualties.

The Guardian confirmed six people had died in the French region of St. Martin. It's been a horrific summer for natural disasters, as Hurricanes have ripped through not only the United States but several Carribean islands. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of these worldly catastrophes.


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  • Tamekia
    Tamekia Sep 6, 2017 10:56 PM PDT

    To all the hurricane families better days are coming if you just hold on to God's unchanging hand and faint not keep the faith keep trusting him believe that better days are coming people don't feel your hurt and pain inside but if you just hung on in there i know at this point it's easier said and done when un expected things pop's up and it may be difficult to trust in him but God can change your impossible to possible God knows exactly what you're experiencing but all he wants to know is if you can declare tonight that he's bigger than that i double dare you if you just say lord we need you we can't make it without we need you right now we need you right away we need you more than anything we need you more than we need ourself Thank you lord that you're doing right now.

  • Twana Ware
    Twana Ware Sep 6, 2017 10:04 PM PDT


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