Hurricane Chris Will Fight Second-Degree Murder Charges - Prosecutors Indict Him On Charges After Securing Video Footage

Hurricane Chris Will Fight Second-Degree Murder Charges - Prosecutors Indict Him On Charges After Securing Video Footage
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Hot New Hip Hop reported this weekend that Hurricane Chris was indicted on second-degree murder charges related to the passing of Danzeria Ferris, Junior, while in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. The Shreveport Times reported on a statement from authorities in which they claimed investigators got their hands on damning video footage.

They claim they can prove that Hurricane Chris , Mr. Dooley, did not act in self-defense as he had claimed. The rapper's lawyer responded by saying their thoughts and prayers were with the victim's family, and they were sure Chris' name would be cleared following an investigation.

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As it was previously reported, Chris was arrested by the police following a shooting that went down at a Texaco gas station in Louisiana. Chris said he was acting in self-defense. Following the news of his arrest, Chris took to his social media to say he was involved in a "very unfortunate incident."

As a result of the altercation, Hurricane Chris is up on second-degree murder charges. This marks a massive turning point in the rapper's life following a successful stint in the music business with tracks like "Halle Berry" and "A Bay Bay."

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In addition to his claims that he was acting in self-defense, Chris said someone was trying to take his car, however, the authorities claim the vehicle was actually stolen from someone else in a nearby state.

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As most know, this wouldn't be the first time a rapper was involved in a gun case. Earlier this year, Pop Smoke was murdered in an AirBnB after a group of suspects barged onto the property and killed him in what authorities described as a robbery gone wrong initially.

Additionally, Houdini, 21, a rapper from Toronto, Canada, was killed near the start of the year as his career in the music business was just taking off. Furthermore, Offset, Cardi B, and the "Bodak Yellow" rapper's cousin were involved in a dispute with the police earlier this weekend.


Offset was detained by the cops, however, the Beverly Hills Police Department later released a statement claiming it was Cardi's cousin who was being charged with a crime, and not the Migos rapper.

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