Hulu Announces Live TV Subscriptions With Access To Full Movie And Television Library Now On Roku

Hulu Announces Live TV Subscriptions With Access To Full Movie And Television Library Now On Roku
Source: The Handmaid's Tale/Hulu

The way people watch television has changed and streaming networks like Hulu are continually evolving to keep up with demand. Hulu has released their new Beta service Live TV that is available with or without commercials. As more people choose to cut the cable cord and stream their programming via the Internet, demand for alternative viewing methods is high. Networks such as HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax have an a la carte option where you can bypass a cable or satellite subscription and pay only for the cable channel. Hulu recognizes this and offers viewers the chance to add a la carte, premium cable channels to their subscription packages.

Whether Hulu subscribers will find the live TV option cost-effective remains to be seen. Also at issue is the idea of paying a monthly fee to have commercials removed from Hulu.

Roku users will now find the Hulu live TV option available on their streaming devices.

Hulu has a collection of original programming consisting of award-winning and downright binge-worthy television shows such as The Handmaid's Tale , The Mindy Project, Chance, The Path , and Harlots. While Hulu was not the first to release original programming and Netflix seemed to lead the way with their multiple Orange is the New Black nominations and wins, it was The Handmaid's Tale that made history by taking home the top Emmy award for best drama.

Hulu succeeded in being the first streaming service to bring home the top award and there's no doubt that their subscriptions will increase due to their top quality programming.

We can expect Hulu to deliver more original programming of high caliber and they've recently announced the development of a new series with Sean Penn.

But does having the top Emmy-award drama program mean that people want to cut the cable cord and get all of their live television channels, television shows, and movies from Hulu?

Hulu is bringing in many exclusive programs, but they aren't the only network to do so. Original programming is key to each network's and streaming channel's success. Amazon has Transparent  and  Mozart in the Jungle. Netflix is home to many original television shows and movies and is continually expanding their repertoire far beyond Orange is the New Black .

For many, once you add in the cost of Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and a la carte subscriptions such as Showtime, HBO, and Cinemax, it seems that one streaming service just isn't enough. Many people who are cutting the cable cord find themselves plugging it back in simply because they can get more television with add-on streaming services than by paying for everything a la carte.

What do you think? How do you watch your favorite television shows? Are you going to sign up for Hulu's live TV? Do you watch premium cable channels via cable or satelite or through an a la carte service such as through Hulu or stand alone?

Are you willing to sacrifice certain channels in order to get the most cost-effective deal?


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