Hugh Jackman 'Knew Early On' He And Wife Of 22 Years Deborra-Lee Furness Were Meant To Be

Hugh Jackman 'Knew Early On' He And Wife Of 22 Years Deborra-Lee Furness Were Meant To Be

The actor was well aware his now wife of 22 years was meant for him from the very beginning! Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness gave an interview on Aussies in Hollywood with Jenny Cooney podcast, and opened up about their relationship - mainly how they met.

The woman remembered that she was in L.A. trying to become an actress when one fortune teller told her she should go back to Australia as there ‘everything comes into place!’

That being said, it looks like the fortune teller was spot on as when she returned, not only did she get a gig but she also met Hugh.

However, Furness confessed that she was not yet ready to fully commit to a relationship.

In fact, her New Year’s resolution was to not date any actors, especially not under 30 years old.

Jackman went on to say that working with Deborra was his very best experience as an actor.

He went on to explain that ‘This was before we were even romantically involved or had any idea Deborra was interested. There was chemistry… and every time that we had a scene together, it was just unbelievable. Professionally, I have never had anything quite like that again.’

During their time working together, the woman started to actually miss Jackman when not on set but still resisted getting serious.

The Wolverine actor confessed that ‘I knew very early, I knew before Deb knew, even when she tried to break up with me, I knew [she was the one]. She sort of [broke up with me], a bit. Early on, 3 weeks in. I managed to talk her out of it, thank God.’

He went on to say that he is very indecisive usually but it was a hundred percent clear to him that they were meant to be.

‘I just knew 100 percent, I even knew when she was trying to work out reasons to break up with me.’


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