Hugh Jackman Continues His Film Studies Amid Self-Isolation

Hugh Jackman Continues His Film Studies Amid Self-Isolation
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Hugh Jackman is using his quarantine time for good. Page Six reported earlier today that the X-Men alum has been taking one of Annette Insdorf's classes, "Reel Pieces," at Columbia University. Hugh has been taking the course online.

During an online discussion, Jackman shared how the course has fundamentally changed the way he understands movies while watching them. Now, he finds himself asking a number of reflective questions, including, "why are we telling this story?" and "how does this help me grow as an artist?"

Jackman is undoubtedly committed to his art, whether it's acting, performing, or even singing. In case you missed it, last month, Jackman posted a Twitter video of himself singing the song, "You Will Be Found," at home.

UPI was the first to report that Jackman started off his post by describing the song's origins, including who wrote it and in which piece it was featured. Jackman said on his Twitter that Justin Paul and Benj Pasek were the writers and they also played a role in The Greatest Showman , one of Jackman's most critically acclaimed films.

Jackman claims the song's lyrics, amid the coronavirus pandemic, are even more relevant today than before. Jackman, unlike Gal Gadot, was never slammed by social media users for releasing a song meant to lift the spirits of the public.

As it was previously reported, Gal Gadot, with the help of dozens of other celebrities, released an Instagram video in which she was singing John Lennon's anti-war classic, "Imagine." The result of social media, however, was incredibly negative.

Even Jamie Dornan, the star of 50 Shades of Grey , later came out to address the backlash. Dornan claims he appeared in the Instagram video at the request of his friend, Kristen Wiig. She later apologized to him for even involving him in the first place.

It's not entirely clear why social media users didn't attack Jackman for his singing, but it may have something to do with the fact that Jackman didn't portray it as if he was saving the world. He was just singing a song because he wanted too.

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