Hugh Hefner's Wife Crystal Harris May Not Be Entitled To Any Inheritance After The Death Of Her Husband

Hugh Hefner's Wife Crystal Harris May Not Be Entitled To Any Inheritance After The Death Of Her Husband

Crystal Harris will not cash in on Hugh's inheritance after the 91-year-old Playboy creator passed away on the 27th of September. A source revealed to the publication, Us Weekly, that the prolific publisher and the 31-year-old model signed a prenuptial agreement before they got married at the Playboy Mansion in December of 2013.

An insider said that she would not get any of the inheritance money, and instead, his children will get it as well as the film school of the University of Southern California and several other charities.

According to reports, Hefner's estate is valued around $43 million, but that doesn't include the $100 million he obtained after selling his Playboy Mansion in August of 2016. On Wednesday night, the mogul's son, Cooper, revealed that his father had passed away in a statement.

Cooper - who is currently a 26-year-old film student wrote - "my father lived an exception and impactful life as a media and cultural pioneer," and was one of the "leading voices" for the advocation of sexual freedom, civil rights, as well as free speech.

Although many might remember Hugh for his opulent lifestyle, Hefner often found himself at the center of free speech issues where the right to publish controversial material was questioned.

At one point, Hugh even fancied himself as a "women's rights advocate," due to his claim that women should be free to profit from their sexuality as much as they please - despite what conservative naysayers had to say about the matter.

Cooper added that his father was the epitome of the "playboy lifestyle" and his ethos was at the center of the Playboy brand, making it one of the most recognizable symbols in the history of media empires. The media-mastermind will be greatly missed by his wife, Crystal, Christie, and Cooper's two brothers.

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