Hugh Hefner's Son Cooper And Wife Crystal Harris Pay Tribute To Playboy Icon On Anniversary Of His Death

Hugh Hefner's Son Cooper And Wife  Crystal Harris Pay Tribute To Playboy Icon On Anniversary Of His Death
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Hugh Hefner is being honored on the second anniversary of his death by his son Cooper and wife Crystal.

28-year-old Cooper shared a photo of the Playboy icon, reflecting on some of the life lessons his famous father taught him such as integrity, compassion, and commitment.

"Have integrity be honest, and you will find nothing unwanted follows you in life. Be compassionate there are many that see the world differently than you, be patient. Stay loyal, know where you came from and know who you are. Choose and commit to people and projects in life, "Cooper began his lengthy tribute.

The young man waxed poetically regarding the words his dad told him regarding commitment.

"Those committed pursuits will bring you the greatest relationships and rewards. Think of others, give your time, your financial resources, or your talents to something bigger than self. Make serving humanity intimately a part of your journey. Enjoy yourself, life is short and should not always be serious. Be playful when it's appropriate and smile often," he expressed before letting his followers know those are the lessons, he cherishes from Hef.

Cooper isn't the only one paying tribute to Hefner today. His wife, Crystal Harris also paid tribute to her late husband. She used several shots of the couple, as well as their other family members but only shared a short message to express her thoughts.

"Missing you for two years today," the former Playboy Playmate expressed.

Crystal and Hef were married in 2012. She was only 26-years-old at the time, while the business tycoon was 86-years-old. They remained happily married until he died at the age of 91, in 2017.

Along with Cooper, Hugh was father to Christie, David, and Marston. Crystal was Hef's third wife. He was previously married to Millie Williams from 1949-1959, as well as Kimberley Conrad from 1989-2010.

Hugh Hefner was not only known for his Playboy business but also for having a bevy of beauties by his side at all times. He always had more than one girlfriend at a time.

Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson, and Bridget Marquardt all dated Hef. Their stories played out on the E! reality TV show The Girls Next Door.


It has been two years since Hef passed away, but his family still misses him daily. Both his son Cooper and wife Crystal made sure the anniversary of his death did not pass without them paying tribute.


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