Hugh Hefner Secretly Arranged To Get His Wife Crystal Harris Millions Before He Died

Hugh Hefner Secretly Arranged To Get His Wife Crystal Harris Millions Before He Died
Source: The New York Times

Original reports have stated that Hugh Hefner's wife Crystal Harris would not be entitled to a single penny of his estimated fortune of $43 million at the time of his death. However, a new report has surfaced which claims that Hefner secretly arranged for Harris to obtain millions of dollars for her security and long-term comfort.

It was his secret goal all along for her to be completely provided for once he was gone.

Apparently, there was a home in the Hollywood Hills that was purchased in 2013 and has been held in trust in Harris' name. The beautiful 5,900 square feet house has four bedrooms and an infinity pool.

Besides that, the prenuptial agreement which the couple signed before their 2012 marriage entitles Crystal to 5 million dollars upon Hefner's death.

Crystal Harris is 31 years old and is a model. She was Hugh Hefner's 3rd wife. His previous wives are Mildred Williams and Kimberly Conrad. Hefner has children from his previous marriages: Christie, David, Marston and Cooper.

Hugh Hefner created his fortune by starting Playboy magazine decades ago. It was the first magazine of its kind, with entertainment articles for men with a centerfold of a beautiful nude woman in the middle of each issue.

Hefner started the magazine in the garage of his home with just a few hundred dollars and built it into a multimillion-dollar empire.

He later bought a beautiful estate in Hollywood, naming it the Playboy mansion. Celebrities, well-known people, beautiful models and Playboy centerfolds would come to the lavish parties that Hefner would throw at his mansion. At one time Hefner lived there with several young beautiful women and filmed a reality TV show, but he was not married to any of them.

Hugh Hefner has created plans in his estate to give money to each of his children as well as money to the University of Southern California and other charities that were close to his heart.


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