Hugh Hefner Remembered For His Civil Rights Work, But Also For Objectifying Women

Hugh Hefner Remembered For His Civil Rights Work, But Also For Objectifying Women
Source: E! Online

Hugh Hefner’s death has garnered a myriad of reactions around the world. Some people have praised Hefner for initiating a sexual revolution while others criticized him objectifying women. In an interview in 1992, Hefner admitted that he would like to be remembered as the person who changed the public’s perception of sex and helped promote the idea that premarital sex isn’t bad.

Celebrities have also chimed in on the Playboy founder’s passing. Gene Simmons praised Hefner for being a pioneer in the publishing world while Jenny McCarthy, who rose to fame as a Playboy model in the nineties, commented on how Playboy helped launch her career.

Hefner also received praise for his contribution to the civil rights movement. In 1961, Hefner hired Dick Gregory in a time where black artists struggled to find success in the media.

Not everyone was kind to Hefner’s legacy. Meghan Murphy, a writer and feminist leader living in Vancouver, slammed Hefner for making money by objectifying women.

British commentator Peter York added that Hefner’s magazine was viewed as a symbol of American independence and liberty and his passing is the end of an era for many Brits.

Hugh Hefner was worth hundreds of millions of dollars at the time of his death, yet his wife, Crystal Harris, won’t see a penny of his vast fortune. The former Playboy model signed a prenuptial agreement in 2012 that completely excluded her from Hefner’s inheritance .

Hefner’s estate will be passed down to his four children – Cooper, Marston, David and Christie. The founder of Playboy owned 35 percent of the company when he died and his net worth was well over $200 million.

Apart from his $5 million mansion, the business mogul had over $30 million in bonds and stock options and $6 million in the bank. Hefner died of natural causes at the old age of 91.

Harris, who used to be one of Hefner’s Playboy bunnies, tied the knot with him in 2012. It isn’t clear if Hefner gave Harris any money before his death, but she will not inherit anything now that he’s gone.

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