Hugh Grant Describes Grueling COVID-19 Battle - Jokes That His Eyeballs Were 'Too Big' For His Head

Hugh Grant Describes Grueling COVID-19 Battle - Jokes That His Eyeballs Were 'Too Big' For His Head
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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a lot of misery for people all over the world, either directly via their health after contracting the illness, or economically, due to the subsequent shutdowns. As most know, countries all over the globe implemented strict measures to thwart the spread of the coronavirus, but millions still managed to catch it, including A-list celebrities.

Page Six reported today, for instance, that Mr. Hugh Grant also contracted the coronavirus. The star appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he explained his symptoms and how it was like his "eyeballs" were "three sizes too big" for his skull.

Grant, 60, said to the host of the popular late-night television show that he was sweating profusely and it felt like some "enormous man" was sitting on his chest, like Harvey Weinstein , for example. Grant went on to say that he realized his sense of smell had disappeared, and he began panicking over the possibility of losing it forever.

According to Grant, he started to get "desperate" for the sense to come back. Grant says he wanted to start smelling "strangers' armpits" just to see if he could smell again. As for what he has been up to lately, Hugh claimed he has been spending time in isolation with his wife, Anna Elisabet Eberstein, in addition to three of his kids.

He even started playing with some of his children's barbie dolls as a way of combatting the boredom, the actor remarked. Grant joked that it started out as a way of just being nice to his children, but even after they went to bed, he would still be playing with them.

Hugh isn't the only celebrity to come down with the COVID-19 virus either. The first A-lister who revealed his positive diagnosis was the Cast Away star, Tom Hanks, who announced the news, alongside his wife, Rita Wilson, on Instagram.


Not long after, many other stars and entertainers came out to say they had caught it as well, including Idris Elba, Rachel Matthews, Colton Underwood, and more.

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