Howard Stern Re-Proposes To Wife During Late Night Show Appearence

Howard Stern Re-Proposes To Wife During Late Night Show Appearence
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According to multiple reports, Howard Stern recently got down on one knee to propose to his wife - for the second time. The Howard Stern Comes Again writer asked his wife for her hand in marriage again during an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

While joking around with the television show host, Howard Stern said he often likes to tell his wife, Beth Stern, that they should get married again but she always gets so "embarrassed" by it, and says "no," because she thinks it would jinx it.

The 65-year-old radio jockey added that he "loves the proposal" and told his 47-year-old wife to get back on the stage so he could ask her again. Stern got down on one knee and told his wife that she has given him the "best years of (his) life," adding that she does "so much for animal rescue."

Reportedly, Howard and Beth have been married for 20 years. The Sirius XM host was married to Alison Berns beforehand, and he had three daughters with her, including Ashley, 26, Deborah, 33, as well as the 36-year-old Emily.

Earlier this week, Howard Stern was inadvertently involved with Robert Downey Junior's near-smackdown of a Hollywood executive on his Sirius XM Radio show.

The star said to reporters earlier in the week that he and the Hollywood exec nearly got into a physical altercation because he rudely asked him "who the f*ck are you," after telling them to get away from the speakers.

During the same interview, Howard asked Robert what he thought about Martin Scorsese's recent comments regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to which Scorsese responded that he didn't think much of the films because of their lack of traditional cinematic qualities.

Regardless of Downey Junior's near-squabbles on the show, Howard Stern is arguably one of the most successful radio show hosts of all time. Mr. Stern is known for his aggressive interviewing style, in which he often gets answers to the type of questions that no other interviewer can get out of an entertainer.

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