Howard Stern Claims He Struggled With Including Harvey Weinstein Interviews In His New Book

Howard Stern Claims He Struggled With Including Harvey Weinstein Interviews In His New Book
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According to a report from, Howard Stern wasn't sure whether he should include his interview with Harvey Weinstein in his book, Howard Stern Comes Again, following Harvey's catastrophic fall from the graces of Hollywood due to years of rape, harassment, and assault allegations.

Stern wrote in his book, "I went back and forth about whether to include this interview," adding that he was thinking about it until the very last draft of his memoir. The interview in question was back in 2014, three years before Harvey's fall from Hollywood.

Weinstein said to Howard while on the show, "Howard, I wish," adding that movies are simply too expensive for him to benefit from the "casting couch," phenomenon. "The risks are too great," Harvey said to Mr. Stern.

Harvey says to the host again that we "were born way too late" for that sort of thing to go on. Moreover, Harvey praised women in Hollywood such as Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts, describing them as wonderfully talented and brilliant. A man doesn't want to do "stupid s**t" around them, Harvey said in the interview.

Back in 2017, Theron said publicly that she wasn't at all surprised the allegations against Harvey came to fruition. Stern said that when he looks back on the conversation he had with Harvey, it all "seems so tragic and sad."

Currently, Harvey is waiting to go on trial in September of this year, following the court's decision to postpone the trial, which was originally intended to be this month. Coincidentally, Harvey's trial would've coincided with the trial of R. Kelly, who also is up for several charges of abuse.

Harvey Weinstein is facing off against five counts of rape and two counts of a forced sex act involving two women. Initially, the judge threw out other charges due to the fact the prosecution supposedly omitted key details, one being that the woman Harvey formerly worked with offered him oral sex in exchange for a role.

As it was reported yesterday, Howard has been making the rounds in promotion of his latest book. Previously, Howard said he felt media journalists dishonestly used conversations he had with Trump against the president.

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