How Will James Corden Replace Ellen DeGeneres If She Leaves? Sources Say Ellen IS The Show

How Will James Corden Replace Ellen DeGeneres If She Leaves? Sources Say Ellen IS The Show
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A new report from Page Six says James Corden is in talks to replace Ellen DeGeneres if she's let go from her hosting duties. Reportedly, there are signs that Ellen is about to leave the program which bears her name, however, other sources have stated she is eager to stay put.

The Sun reported this week that Mr. Corden was "in line" to replace Ellen on her show. Ellen has been accused of fostering an environment in which bullying, racism, and intimidation flourished.

Moreover, her staff member said she had been turning a blind eye to the abuse some of her subordinates had endured, despite receiving $50 million per year to fulfill her duties.

Reportedly, rumors of Corden taking her place as a successor have been around for years, and with Ellen's recent controversy, it only intensified the likelihood that he'll take Ellen's place. Even though the rumors have certainly damaged her reputation, DeGeneres plans to go back to work this month.

Followers of Ellen know her show has been marred by controversy over the last few weeks. It's certainly not a good time for DeGeneres, who has been accused of a variety of transgressions and misbehavior.

For instance, several TV producers and other people who worked on her show claimed Ellen had stringent demands. One TV producer claimed he was once told that no one was allowed to speak with Ellen or even look at her when she flew to Australia to appear on the nation's Today show.

Reportedly, this came at a time as well where the TV producers for Australia's Today had already bent over backward to accommodate her. She was supposed to co-host the show for an entire episode, however, she changed her mind at the last minute.

Ellen had changed the plan to just be an interview, and when she arrived, no one was to speak to her, look at her, or engage with her in any way. The TV producer described the entire ordeal as "bizarre."

Other sources have stated, however, that Ellen 's departure from her eponymous show would simply be the end. As one social media user put it, "How is James going to replace Ellen on the show called  Ellen?  She IS the show!"

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