How UN-Modest! Jessa Duggar Slammed For Charging Fans For Modest Fashion Seminar!

How UN-Modest! Jessa Duggar Slammed For Charging Fans For Modest Fashion Seminar!

Jessa Duggar Seewald has been making quite a lot of money just by teaching her fans how to live and dress in a modest way just like her famous family and her.

This is precisely why many people are criticizing her for her ways. The Counting On star has been charging her followers to hear her talk about how Jesus would like them to live in a modest way while she is getting richer and richer. Hm…that doesn’t sound very moral!

As it turns out, the 24 years old is set to act as a public speaker at Heavenly Highway Tabernacle. There she is going to host Fashionably Modest with Jessa.

The event will take place in Ohio on June 24 and she is going to charge fans $20 to hear her speak.

In addition, vendors could reserve their spot for $50.

In the $20 price, a lunch and a meet and greet are included.

Her husband, Ben Seewald and sons Spurgeon and Henry are reportedly unable to attend because of one rule that states “men, infants and children under the age of 9 will be regretfully ineligible to attend.”

Many fans have refused to show up at the event as they consider she contradicts herself by charging them.

“Being paid to talk about your modest lifestyle seems like an oxymoron,” one fan wrote on the family blog.

“It feels immodest to talk about how modest you are,” another slammed her.

Other disregarded the charging and talked about how “not modest” her fashion while pregnant was. She wore tight, stretched t-shirts so she hardly looks like a specialist in modest fashion anymore.

What do you think about the controversial issue? Is it Okay for Jessa to preach one thing and then do something that contradicts it?

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  • Mkater
    Mkater May 12, 2017 4:34 PM PDT

    $20 to pay for time, flight, hotel & her food sounds ok! Besides if people get a meet greet & maybe an autograph & lunch included that's not unreasonable by any means!! $50?? He'll no

  • Maryam Al Fayed
    Maryam Al Fayed Apr 18, 2017 10:37 AM PDT

    Oh come on people!!! I might think the price is a bit much, but she and the organization that put this event together have a right to charge. I personally think what she has to say can be of value. If people are willing to pay so much more money to see some half baked, half naked individuals jump around talking or singing things of no value what so ever without a single complaint should have nothing to say on this matter!. There are many factors here such as travel, lodging, venue, etc .... Jessa go do your thing girl! ... I support your willingness to put yourself out there for a more than noble cause! ... You go girl!!! .... Love/Salaam

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