How To Get Cara Delevingne's Gorgeous Samsung Space Selfie Look And Send Your Own Selfie To Space

How To Get Cara Delevingne's Gorgeous Samsung Space Selfie Look And Send Your Own Selfie To Space
Credit: Source: Samsung/Press

Cara Delevingne joined forces with Samsung for the Space Selfie campaign that will actually send people's selfies into space. Samsung patterned their launch event after the infamous Ellen DeGeneres group selfie captured at the 2014 Oscar Awards that went viral. Cara shared her first space selfie on her personal Instagram account. It featured the gorgeous model wearing an astronaut's helmet. When Cara attended the Space Selfie launch party with a gaggle of celebrities, she captured the first space group selfie as well.
Speaking at the party, Cara spoke about her new campaign with Samsung.

“I’m honored to be Samsung’s SpaceSelfie pioneer! To celebrate, I wanted to take the first group selfie to go to space. I can’t wait for my fans to join us in space and get their hands on a SpaceSelfie of their own.”

The 27-year-old supermodel stunned in a mirrored, Fendi dress and her makeup was bold, vibrant, and out-of-this-world.

Those who want to take their own space selfie that is sent beyond the stratosphere may find more details at Samsung's Space Selfie website.

You may see a video and interview with Cara Delevingne taken at the London event in the video player below.

Pat McGrath and Kenneth Soh makeup discussed Cara's amazing look and Kenneth Soh stated it took 20 minutes to transform Cara from her day look to her evening look.

You may see a photo of Cara with her day look including all of the products that Kenneth used on her below.

Though Cara was stunning in her day look, it was her evening look that went viral across social media networks. Photos of Cara in the Fendi dress flooded the Internet and fans commented on how exquisite her eye makeup was.

Kenneth shared the products used to create Cara's gorgeous face and how others can create the same look as well.

Though short on time and going from one look to the next, prepping Cara's face was still important. He used products from A.D.C. Beauty for preparing her skin and then followed with Surratt Beauty Dew Drop Foundation followed by a creamy layer of Narcissists Fresh Glow Foundation with Radiant Creamy Concealer.

He then used Colour Corrector by Charlotte Tilbury makeup.

Cara's eyes popped in the photo and he used Sisley Paris' Phyto Eye Twist, followed by 24-Hour Cream Colour from Danessa Myricks. Cara's eye colors were selected from the Viseart Paris Grand Pro Palette, with a touch of glitter on the inner corners of Cara's lids from Lemonhead La's line of glitter: Space Jam.

Next, Kenneth used Marc Jacobs Beauty HighLiner for eyeliner and High Volume Mascara from Trish McEvoy. Cara also wore Lash Inserts from Ayah.

Cara wore the shade Sunshine Drops on her cheeks by Drunk Elephant and Convertible Colour by Stila UK.

Cara is famous for her brows and they were not overlooked. Kenneth used the Tinted Brow Gel by RevitaLash UK and the Pro Pencil by HD Brows.

For Cara's lips, Kenneth turned to Mac Cosmetics Retro Lip and her face was set with powder from Suqqu.

You may see Cara's full evening look below.

What do you think about the Samsung Space Selfie campaign? Are you going to submit your own selfies to send to space?

Cara is always gorgeous and her appearance at the Space Selfie launch party did not disappoint. What do you think of her finished, evening look?


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