How Sons Of Anarchy Star Charlie Hunnam Bulked Up For Triple Frontier

How Sons Of Anarchy Star Charlie Hunnam Bulked Up For Triple Frontier
Credit: Source: Daily Mail

In the new Netflix film Triple Frontier , Charlie Hunnam stars as William “Ironhead” Miller, a Special Forces operative who reunites with his military buddies to plan a heist from a South American drug lord. It is an action-packed story that required Hunnam to get super-ripped , and he made that happen by going old school with his workouts.

The Sons of Anarchy star hit the gym to bulk up and pack on some lean muscle so he could get the physique of an ex-Special Forces soldier, and he did it with old-fashioned heavy weightlifting.

"I don’t have that God-given, raw, physical form. So I need to put on weight and be fit and be as strong as I can, which is why I go and smash heavy weights," Hunnam told Men’s Health. "That gives you a certain type of look that isn’t ideal, but as long as you’ve got the eye of the tiger, I think that’s the most important thing.”

Hunnam added that anyone who trains regularly knows that when you work out with heavy weights every day, the physical strength you get leads to emotional and mental strength. And, there is a “deep connection between psychology and physicality.”

The actor explained that it’s not ideal to look like you spend hours every day in the gym, but he had no choice because he had to get big and strong to play an ex-Special Forces soldier. This was especially important because Hunnam had lost 45 pounds for his role in Papillon, prior to shooting Triple Frontier.

  Hunnam says that in order to push his mind and body to the limit, he takes a singular approach and lives a monastic lifestyle. When he works, he never drinks alcohol and sticks to an extremely healthy diet. He also makes sure that he gets eight hours of sleep every night, so he has the mental clarity and focus to work through a 15-hour workday.

As he gets closer to the start of a film, Hunnam cuts more distractions out of his life and transitions into a serious mindset so he can dedicate himself completely to a project. He says he takes his work very seriously, and he always aims to do the best work he can within his range of ability.

With every role he plays, whether he has to slim down or bulk up, Charlie Hunnam says that he wants to grow and learn to get better results. And, he always wants to be moving forward.

Triple Frontier is currently streaming on Netflix.


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