How Meghan Markle And Prince Charles Bonded Over Their Dysfunctional Families

How Meghan Markle And Prince Charles Bonded Over Their Dysfunctional Families
Credit: Source: The Knot

Meghan Markle is turning her family drama into something positive. After watching her father get himself into hot water with the royal family this summer, inside sources claim that Markle and Prince Charles have grown closer — and it's all thanks to her dysfunctional family.

A source close to the family says Charles and Markle have developed a strong bond because he can relate to her family woes. Like Markle, Charles knows what it is like dealing with the media amid family troubles. He also thinks she has done an impressive job handling all of the pressure, especially considering how she is new to the family.

"Because there’s been bad behavior that’s caused problems in his family, Charles understands how difficult it must be for Meghan. And it has endeared her to him even more," the insider explained.

According to Life & Style , the source revealed that Charles sees a bit of himself in the way that Markle has handled her father's embarrassing media scandals. While Markle's father has bashed the royal family in multiple interviews, Markle has remained stoic in the press.

Markle's reaction to the drama is very similar to how Charles dealt with his affair and subsequent split from Princess Diana. Their similarities have only drawn them closer, which is about the only good thing to come out of Markle's family drama.

Markle's close bond with Charles was included in Robert Jobson's new biography on the royal family, titled Charles at 70: Thoughts, Hopes, and Dreams . In the book, Jobson claims that Charles has been gushing about Markle to his closest friends and could not be happier about her joining the family.

Markle apparently feels the same about Charles, whom she liked the day Prince Harry introduced them. In fact, sources say Markle thought Charles was warm, sweet, and welcoming.

Meghan Markle has not commented on the rumors surrounding her relationship with Prince Charles. The actress is currently preparing for the birth of her first child with Harry . The baby is expected to be born sometime next spring.


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