How Kylie Jenner teaches her daughter Stormi to go beauty shopping in childhood

How Kylie Jenner teaches her daughter Stormi to go beauty shopping in childhood
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24-year-old billionaire Kylie Jenner posted two posts, photos, and videos on her account at once, dedicated to how she and four-year-old Stormi went to the Ulta Beauty cosmetics store together for the first time.

As the reality TV star admitted, four years is already a serious age, and it's time to get your own cosmetic bag.

Therefore, she took her daughter to her favorite beauty store firstly, so that she would get acquainted with decorative cosmetics Kylie Cosmetics, and secondly so that she herself would choose everything that she liked.

Next to the shelves with cosmetics, Stormi behaved very confidently. Her red liquid lipstick, face powder, and eye shadow palette caught her eye at the Kylie Cosmetics booth. Kylie helped her daughter choose beauty products and, at the same time, managed to advertise a new shade of liquid lipstick, the name of which is also Ultra, like the store where they were located.

In the video posted by the younger Jenner, there is a funny moment of Stormi choosing something at the booth of another beauty brand. Kylie patiently waits for her daughter to finish, and when she asks if these shadows can be taken, she answers "yes," and they go to the checkout.

For this shopping experience together, Kylie and Stormi even chose outfits in the same color scheme. Mom was dressed in wide white pants, a top with a pink and green print and pink pointed shoes, and a white bag with a graphic shape and sunglasses in a white frame with mirrored lenses complemented the look.


Kylie's hair was loose, and her face, of course, was present with her signature make-up with accentuated cheekbones. Stormi wore a light pink and light green dress, white socks, and sneakers for a trip to the store, and a pink Prada mini bag hung on her shoulder.

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