How Jersey Shore Star Mike Sorrentino Is Spending His Last Days Before Prison

How Jersey Shore Star Mike Sorrentino Is Spending His Last Days Before Prison
Credit: Source: Page Six

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has been busy in his final days as a free man. The Jersey Shore star was sentenced to prison for tax evasion and will begin his stint behind bars next week. How has Sorrentino been spending his last days in the free world?

For starters, Sorrentino has been celebrating his sobriety over the past few weeks. The reality star has not had a drink for over three years and spent his holiday serving food to patients at the Phoenix Recovery House.

He also expressed his love for his new wife, Lauren Pesce, on social media. The two tied the knot this past fall and could not be more in love.

“Married to my best friend & college Sweetheart, working with my best friends on the #1 unscripted Series on TV… & the love of family, friends & fans,” he wrote.

With eight months of prison food awaiting him, Sorrentino also made sure to get his fill of Chic-Fil-A. The Jersey Shore star shared photos of his massive meal on social media and looked like he was in heaven starring at the feast before him.

Apart from eating and spending time with family, Sorrentino has been sharing weight loss ads on Instagram the past few days. This includes photos of his new program from 310 Nutrition.

According to Radar Online , Sorrentino is scheduled to start his prison term on Jan. 15. He was also fined $10,000 for evading taxes, which he plans to pay off by selling t-shirts.

Unfortunately, Sorrentino’s punishment does not end once he is released from prison.

After his term is over, the reality star will be required to perform 500 hours of community service and will be on supervised release for two years.

He will also be subject to drug tests and will have to obtain a full-time job. Lastly, Sorrentino will need to complete a mental health initiative, which must be approved by his probation officer.

Once that is all over, Mike Sorrentino can go back to living life as usual, minus any more tax evasion, of course.

MTV has not announced when or if Jersey Shore will return for a new season.


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