How Does The Duggar Family Celebrate Valentine's Day?

How Does The Duggar Family Celebrate Valentine's Day?
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With Valentine's Day finally upon us, couples around the world are preparing to spend a special evening with their significant others. While most people hit the town for a romantic meal, trade gifts of jewelry and chocolate, or do something off the beaten path, Counting On fans may be surprised to learn that the Duggar family's Valentine Day celebrations are not what they might suspect.

Instead of celebrating love with their partners, members of the Duggar family spend the most romantic day of the year with each other. That's right, the Duggars frequently get together as a family on Valentine's Day and share a special meal with each other.

"We often celebrate Valentine's Day as a family," Michelle Duggar explained in a blog post in 2014. "It's a really special time with the whole family getting around the table and spending time together."

According to Romper , Michelle noted that on one Valentine's Day, her oldest daughter, Jana Duggar, put on a lavish banquet for the family. This includes setting up decorations and cooking a meal for all 19 of the couple's children. For the Duggars, the holiday offers a chance for everyone to get together and express how much they love each other, which isn't a bad way to spend the popular holiday.

Although the Duggars usually get together on Valentine's Day, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar sometimes use the holiday as it was intended and enjoy a romantic evening together. They have also been known to throw a dinner for single moms to show their support for the divorced, abandoned and widowed in their community.

With a lot of the Duggar kids now grown up and married, they are already starting V-Day traditions of their own. One of the latest trends is giving their loved ones a shout out on social media, which offers fans a cute insight into their relationships. Here's to hoping the Duggar family keep up that tradition this Valentine's Day.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy new episodes of Counting On Monday nights on TLC.

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