How Do The Duggars Celebrate Mother's Day? The 'Counting On' Stars Have Their Own Traditions When It Comes To Holidays

How Do The Duggars Celebrate Mother's Day? The 'Counting On' Stars Have Their Own Traditions When It Comes To Holidays
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Because of the Duggar family’s super-conservative lifestyle, they have to opt out of celebrating some holidays in traditional ways – like dressing up for Halloween or drinking champagne on New Year’s Eve. But that doesn’t mean holidays are completely off-limits. Instead, they put their own twist on holiday celebrations. And when it comes to Mother’s Day, the Counting On stars have some unique traditions for celebrating all of the moms in the family.

According to Romper, back in 2015, when asked about their Mother’s Day celebrations, Michelle said, “Oh boy, do we ever celebrate. We definitely do. Jim Bob and the kids come up with all kinds of ideas.”

The mom of 19 explained that her favorite part of the day is the handmade cards that she called “the most precious keepsakes ever.” Jim Bob and the older daughters help the little ones work on the cards, and she revealed that reading them melts her heart.

The family has saved the cards throughout the years, and they keep them in a box in Jim Bob’s office. Michelle says that she looks back on all of them and thinks they are “sweet.” In addition to making cards, the other members of the family take over the cooking and meal planning, which is their way of spoiling Michelle. And, the kids also bring her breakfast in bed.

The 51-year-old also says that Mother’s Day also brings back memories of her own mother who died when Michelle’s oldest son Joshua was just a baby.

Now that many of the Duggar girls have become moms themselves, and with so many babies on the way , they have taken the opportunity to celebrate their mom with videos. At last count, with all the toddlers and pregnant daughters and daughters-in-law, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar will soon have 16 grandchildren.

Last Mother’s Day, some of the girls thanked the family matriarch for all that she has done for them and said that they are grateful for the many years she has invested in their lives.

In addition to the hand-made cards and breakfast in bed, the Duggars have also taken their holiday celebration outside of the house. Back in 2008, the family spent the day doing a duck march and then enjoyed brunch at The Peabody Little Rock Hotel.

Regardless of whether you agree with the Duggars beliefs or not, it is obvious that family is at the heart of their way of life. And, on Mother’s Day, they take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate those bonds.

New episodes of Counting On return to TLC later this year.


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