How Cameron Diaz Disappeared From The A-List In The Early 2010s

How Cameron Diaz Disappeared From The A-List In The Early 2010s
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Back in 2014, Cameron Diaz was one of the most sought after female celebrities in the game, appearing on the covers of Esquire, Marie Claire, Self, InStyle, and Harper's Bazaar alone. Diaz starred in The Other Woman, Sex Tape, in addition to Annie, amid her fourth appearence as the host on Saturday Night Live as well.

However, she suddenly disappeared from the limelight, and no longer appeared in movies or on TV, with the exception of her appearence at Lucy Liu's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. In 2018, she said to reporters from Entertainment Weekly that she was officially "retired."

Naturally, it came as somewhat of a surprise when she revealed she and her husband, Benji Madden, had their first baby together. Raddix Chloe Wildflower was born on the 30th of December.

Moreover, the news also came as a surprise to many of their closest friends as well, who have claimed that Cameron and Benji "keep to themselves," for the most part. According to the New York Post, a screenwriter who had previously worked with the actress claimed that nobody outside of their social circle hears from them.

Reportedly, Cameron's desire to finally become a mother played a big part in why she chose to move away from Hollywood and the entertainment industry, in general. For years, Benji and Cameron tried to get pregnant, a source with the NYP added, however, they had tried everything and nothing was working.

Finally, Cameron and Benji had their first child together through a surrogate. It was Diaz's biggest priority; including over her career, books, acting, etc. The same source claimed that Hollywood studios would create projects for her in mind, specifically, however, she would always pass on them.

Their desire for privacy and to be disconnected from popular culture is reflected in other ways a well. In the past, Diaz claimed that she thought social media was dangerous, particularly the way people get validation from people they don't even know. Diaz took a break from social media for years, but has an account now, although, she rarely posts on it.

In 2014, she started dating Madden, and they later married in January of 2015. In 2013, Cameron was the highest-paid actress over the age of 40, with tickets grossing in the area of $3 billion. A screenwriter who worked with the actress claimed Cameron's success at the box office was a rarity.

Regarding what they're up to these days, Cameron's friend claimed that she and Benji are primarily concerned with taking care of their child together, and nothing else, however, she isn't totally closed off to the idea of working again.

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