How Blake Shelton Is Planning On Spending Father's Day With Gwen Stefani And Her Boys

How Blake Shelton Is Planning On Spending Father's Day With Gwen Stefani And Her Boys
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Spending time with dad on Father’s Day is a must for many Americans. But, when there is more than one dad in the picture, the day can present some challenges. A new report claims that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have figured out a schedule for the upcoming holiday that will include her sons Kingston, 12, Zuma, 10, and Apollo, 5, spending the afternoon with their dad, Gavin Rossdale.

According to Hollywood Life, Stefani and Shelton agreed that the boys should get some quality time with Rossdale on Father’s Day, but the exes co-parenting relationship has had its share of struggles because they “don’t see eye to eye on several things.”

However, despite their differences, Stefani knows her boys love Rossdale, and when it comes down to it, everyone involved wants what is best for them.

“So, Gavin will have the kids on Father’s Day, and both Gwen and Blake know that’s best for the kids as it’s his day. Gwen knows how much the boys love Gavin,” says an insider. “Gwen and Blake are totally supportive and understanding of Gavin having the kids on Father’s Day as it’s his day and that’s their father.”

Even though Shelton isn’t officially Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo’s stepdad, he has grown very close to them since he began dating Stefani in 2015. They have spent holidays together, walked the red carpet together, and vacationed at his Oklahoma ranch.

While he is still just their mom’s boyfriend, Shelton is a bonus dad who cares about the boys very much, says the source. Not only is Shelton always there for Stefani’s sons when they need him, but he also supports his girlfriend when she has co-parenting issues with Rossdale.

Apparently, Stefani gets frustrated at times because Rossdale has handed over most of the parenting responsibilities to her. She is a “super mom,” says the source, who is in charge of everything from schedules to school, but she wishes that she would get more help from her ex.

However, there is no doubt that Rossdale is a great dad when he is with the boys, but Gwen Stefani is better at balancing career and family claims the insider.

A second source claims that Rossdale still struggles with how close his boys have become to Blake Shelton, and it’s difficult for him to see his sons bond with the country superstar and become more attached. However, everyone is doing their best to make things work, and Rossdale is happy that his ex has a “kind and reliable” man in her life.


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