House Of Hammer Doc Team Criticized By Armie Hammer's Alleged Victim For Using My Trauma Against Me

House Of Hammer Doc Team Criticized By Armie Hammer's Alleged Victim For Using My Trauma Against Me
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One of Armie Hammer's victims is criticizing the documentary's creators as the actor's reported sexual assaults are shown on film in House of Hammer.

The person going by the name of Effie has spoken out about the awful treatment she received from the filmmakers Elli Hakami and Julian Hobbs in a note to the Los Angeles Times following her rape charges against Hammer, 36, that led to an LAPD investigation into the actor last March.

She said, "It is utterly unacceptable of you to take advantage of such a horrible, vulnerable period in many people's lives, with absolutely no consideration for our recovery process and dignity."
It's awful how they've been using my trauma against me, Effie continued. They mirror me of Armie when I keep shouting "no," and they keep going while insisting that they don't really need my permission.

The three-part documentary series, which debuted on HBO Max and discovery+ on Friday, investigates the accusations against Hammer in addition to the history of reportedly abusive conduct in his wealthy family, which may have influenced Hammer's childhood.
Hobbs informed the Los Angeles Times that it was an editorial choice to stay out of the case because Effie is the only one of Hammer's accusers who has an ongoing investigation.
He did, however, contend that they weren't required to seek permission before using screenshots of purported rape and cannibalism-related texts. Hammer reportedly made to Effie that she uploaded on her Instagram profile House of Effie in January.

He said that Effie has made it clear that she believes that making any kind of media out of these incidents is quite troublesome. We, as filmmakers, don't hold that opinion. We believe that telling the story is essentially our duty.
You would never make a movie if you stopped creating them because someone stated they didn't want them done.

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