Hotel Employee On Day Of Alleged Jessica Mann Rape Described Weinstein As 'Imposing' And 'Intimidating'

Hotel Employee On Day Of Alleged Jessica Mann Rape Described Weinstein As 'Imposing' And 'Intimidating'
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Rothschild Capulong, a hotel worker at the DoubleTree Hotel in Midtown back in 2013, claims Harvey Weinstein was very "intimidating" when he checked into the hotel seven years ago before the alleged rape on Jessica Mann went down.

Hotel workers, due to the way Mann and Weinstein came into the hotel, drew up a note for security personnel to inspect the room.

Capulong, who used to be the overnight manager at the Lexington Avenue hotel, claimed that he was working at the front desk that evening due to staffing shortages and he remembers the disgraced producer checking into the hotel under the alias, "Max Poster." Weinstein checked into the hotel around 10:30 am.

Capulong claims the former Miramax producer had a very "imposing attitude" about him, in other words, the producer tried very hard to rush the check-in process. Capulong claims the reservation included the note that it was actually "celebrity Harvey Weinstein."

Capulong claims he saw a good-looking woman with Harvey when he went to the hotel. It looked like there was a disheveled look on the woman's face as if they "weren't on the same page," Capulong added.

According to the former hotel manager, her body language caused him to look more closely at the encounter. He claimed that the encounter was a bit odd because typically couples look very happy when they check-in, and that wasn't the case for Harvey and the woman.

When they finally left the front desk, they walked apart from each other and Weinstein was the one leading. He later wrote a note stating that security should check in on Weinstein's room later in the evening. Mann, 34, was an aspiring actress at the time and testified that he had breakfast organized with himself, her agent, and a friend.

However, when she met up with him, she saw him booking a hotel room instead. She then told him, "we don't need a room," but he took her up to the room anyway and raped her, Mann explained. Hector Castillo, the director of security at the hotel, explained that nobody ever called security personnel that day.

Weinstein is standing trial for sex crimes involving Jessica Mann, Miriam Haleyi, and Annabella Sciorra. If Weinstein is convicted on the charges, he could spend the rest of his life in jail.

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