Host Of The 2017 Emmy Awards Stephen Colbert Promises An Open Bar For The "Losers"

Host Of The 2017 Emmy Awards Stephen Colbert Promises An Open Bar For The "Losers"

Stephen Colbert - the talk show success who will host this year's Emmy Awards - is offering a grand gift for all of the those who don't win a prestigious award.

In a report from E! News, the publication caught up with the host of the 2017 Emmy's where the star of the Late Show revealed there would be an open bar at the ceremony this year.

The Emmy Awards is typically known for being an "alcohol-free" event. In the past, hosts have given out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and candy, but according to Colbert, that's lame. He would rather have a "rolling bar for the losers."

He added, "winners get everything. They win!!" According to Stephen, at last year's ceremony, guests were disappointed to discover alcoholic beverages could not be purchased past 4:30 pm.

While that may come as a surprise to guests at the show, it could be due to the fact that the Emmy's are televised, and a risk of interruption during the ceremony is too much to bear.

As for what Colbert plans to do during his time as the host, he said maybe a song and dance is a possibility. When asked if he would dance, he claimed, "sure, why not? Now that you've suggested it, it has to happen."

He coyly added that an interview with E! is "legally binding," and may risk legal retaliation if he doesn't do what they say! When it comes to his outfit during the Awards, Colbert intends to keep it simple, as he only has one outfit, unless he "sweats through it or tears something."


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