Host Of Celebrities Come Out To Slam Trump For Criticizing San Juan Mayor

Host Of Celebrities Come Out To Slam Trump For Criticizing San Juan Mayor

Donald Trump has proven to be unpopular with celebrities time and time again. Today is no different, as members of the Hollywood elite like Lady Gaga, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and John Legend have berated the President using harsh words, to say the least.

After the POTUS criticized the mayor of San Juan, Yulin Cruz, as well as other officials from Puerto Rico, many of the stars above came out to defend those in the nation.

According to Trump, in Puerto Rico, there has been "poor leadership ability by the mayor of San Juan and others in Puerto Rico" because they were not able to get their workers to help in humanitarian efforts in the American territory.

Trump added that due to incompetence, the US had to send 10,000 federal workers to the devastated region.

He added politicians in the ravaged nation "want everything to be done for them" when it would be better as a "community effort."

Lady Gaga hit back in response, saying, "It's clear where the 'poor leadership' lies," while John Legend wrote, "Trump continues to dominate the s***iest-president-every-competition."

Another person told him, "you're going straight to hell. No long lines for you."

As CI readers know, Hurricane Maria ripped through the American territory on the 20th of September with winds measured at 155 miles-per-hour which tore trees right off the ground and roofs off of buildings.

Flooding took hold of the city and made the streets look like rivers rather than roads. According to meteorologists and climate scientists, it was the most powerful hurricane to hit the island since 1932 - millions are homeless now.

Power has been shut down in the Caribbean country entirely with residents running out of supplies fast; many have to rely on backup generators. According to experts, it will take a year-and-a-half to restore electricity to the 3.5 million people who live there.


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