Hosea Chanchez Reveals He Was Sexually Abused By His Friend's Father At Age 14

Hosea Chanchez Reveals He Was Sexually Abused By His Friend's Father At Age 14
Credit: Source: WhyRunToTheTardis.com

According to a report from Vibe.com, actor/director, Hosea Chanchez, recently opened up regarding one of his traumatic experiences as a child. Perhaps most famous for his role in The Game, the 37-year-old revealed he was actually a victim of sexual abuse when he was just 14-years-old.

In a post from the 3rd of September, Tuesday, the actor dished on how his friend's father threatened him and used fear to keep him from telling his story. According to Chanchez, who was the child of a single mom, he looked at the man as a role model.

"He would always tell me I was like his older son," Chanchez began, stating that the man would repeatedly tell him he was caring for him. However, according to Chanchez, it was merely a ruse to help him with his pedophile plans.

When he turned 14-years-old, that's when the man started to try and steer their conversations in a sexual direction. His friend's father asked him if he slept with any girls yet, and also asked him what kind of young women he liked.

According to The Game alum, he was trying to understand where his personal boundaries were. One evening, when he was given a ride home from the man, who Chanchez later revealed to be Issac Sanders, Mr. Sanders took a turn into an unfamiliar area, and it was there where he molested him.

As for how Chanchez's revelations were received by his peers, stars such as Indya Moore, Yvette Nicole Brown, Megan Good, Jill Marie Jones, as well as Naturi Naughton, all shared their support of his coming-out story. At the moment, the actor is starring in Black Lightning and is also starring in a one-man production titled, Good Mourning.

Good Mourning - produced by Naughton, and written and directed by Chanchez - is a one-man show revolving around a father who loses his child to leukemia. It follows his 36-day journey in which he takes comfort in his daughter's toys.

The production is supposed to dive into the importance of mental health issues in the African-American community. Speaking with reporters from the LA Sentinel, Chanchez said that people of color, especially men, have a hard time mourning in a way that's productive and healthy.

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