Hoodcelebrityy Explains How Her Relationship With Cardi B Crumbled

Hoodcelebrityy Explains How Her Relationship With Cardi B Crumbled
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Hoodcelebrityy's recent entrance into the limelight has caused a few rifts in some of her old relationships, including with the breakout success, Cardi B, her former friend, and collaborator.

During a conversation with The Breakfast Club , the singer, hailing from Jamaica, dished on how their relationship's floundering began when she signed a deal with Cardi's ex-manager, Klenord "Shaft" Raphael.

A year ago in 2017, Cardi secured a partnership with Solid Foundation, the company in control of the likes of Migos as well as the City Girls, subsequently terminating her partnership with Raphael.

When Klenord "Shaft" Raphael was her manager, Cardi broke into the mainstream with her massively successful single, "Boday Yellow," and she featured Hoodcelebrityy in a couple of her sets while at the Day For Night Festival.

When that deal went down, Hood and Cardi B's relationship went haywire. Back in 2015, the couple worked on "Island Girls" along with Josh X and Young Chow.

"When Cardi got signed, I feel like I got signed, and when I got signed, I got cursed out," the artist explained. Hood added that Cardi found out about it through social media, which made it even more awkward.

Around that same time, Cardi was fighting with Shaft in the courts. In April, reports claimed that Shaft was suing the "Bodak Yellow" rapper for $10 million.

However, just four months later in July, Cardi retorted with a suit of her own, claiming that Shaft stole money from her, through asset and royalty skimming.

In the lawsuit, reports BET, when Cardi B became a star, Shaft became increasingly greedy. He attempted to exploit her, and take advantage of her newfound success.

According to the court documents which Cardi's lawyer drafted, Shaft had access to all of Cardi's financial information and legal documents. Regardless, ever since Hood secured her first hit, "Walking Trophy," she and Cardi haven't really spoken.

With that said, however, Hood admitted she would never speak negatively on Cardi's name, and wishes fortune for her former friend. Is it possible they'll make amends?

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