Honey Boo Boo Shockingly Mimics Snorting Cocaine On Facebook Live

Honey Boo Boo Shockingly Mimics Snorting Cocaine On Facebook Live
Credit: Source: popculture.com

While on Facebook Live, 13 year old Honey Boo Boo pretended to snort drugs and now, people are outraged by what she did. The young teen can be seen separating something with a knife before leaning down to mimic breathing in the white substance.

At the time, Alana was having a fan Q&A on the platform and her actions really shocked her audience as well as her own sister.

This comes after their mom, Mama June, was arrested for drug possession.

Her struggle with addiction is explored on their reality TV show titled Mama June: From Not to Hot.

Honey Boo Boo was being filmed by Pumpkin, her sister, when she suddenly became pretty angry and shouted: ‘Tell me what’s f–king next right now!’

She then picked up an object resembling a plastic knife and told fans: ‘Ok, so guys, we’re going to have to cut off the camera really quick, because I have to do something.’

The next step was breaking up something using the knife.

While it was not visible on camera what she was doing exactly, holding her finger up to her nose and leaning down to supposedly snort something that was on the table made it very clear what she was trying to convey.

Furthermore, her older sister’s reaction confirmed that is what the teen was pretending to do: ‘Alana quit f***ing doing … don’t even f***ing mimic that on f***ing live! Do not ever do that again!’

Alana raised her head as if she was surprised and did not understand what she was being yelled at for, asking: ‘What?!’

Pumpkin continued to scold her younger sister, reminding her that this is why she never really goes live.

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