Honey Boo Boo Claims Guys "Slip Into" Her DMs Every Single Day

Honey Boo Boo Claims Guys "Slip Into" Her DMs Every Single Day
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Honey Boo Boo is ready to meet a guy, but her main problem is not a lack of supply; she simply has too many options. Alana Thompson and her sister, Lauryn Shannon, sat down with reporters from Us Weekly recently just before the third season of Mama June: From Not Too Hot  officially premieres.

Speaking with Us Weekly, the pair dished on what it was like to date as quasi-celebrities. Lauryn, 19-years-old, said that "now that Alana is older, she is trying to be a player-player." The 15-year-old reality star told journalists that guys are constantly talking to her on social media.

The star said they tell her she's beautiful, but then when she looks at their profile, they're not as good looking as she'd like. "I try to tell Alana that it doesn't matter how the person looks," Lauryn explained, but clearly, Honey Boo Boo isn't buying that.

Lauryn tried telling her younger sister that one of the most important things is their attitude, how they treat you, as well as their personality, and that "looks are just a plus."

Moving on from advice, Alana said, however, Alana is looking at one guy. Alana insinuated that she was crushing on her Dancing With The Stars partner, Tristan Ianiero. As most know, Alana first came to prominence on reality television, but her time in the limelight has subsequently faded.

The girl who was once the center of attention for her attitude and personality is now a lot older and the charm has worn off in the eyes of viewers.

Originally, Alana was on the beauty pageant show called, Toddlers and Tiaras, which features the life of a young pageant star and the work that it takes to win the beauty contest. She then went on to secure more success with Here Comes Honey Boo Boo , and Mama June in From Not Too Hot.

Since then, the Thompson family appeared in a few other series like Dancing With The Stars Junior, Dr. Phil, and The Doctors . For a short while, Alana was one of the internet's favorite figures.

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