Home Of Wendy Williams And Kevin Hunter Drops In Price As Wendy Tries To Sell It

Home Of Wendy Williams And Kevin Hunter Drops In Price As Wendy Tries To Sell It
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Wendy Williams is urgently trying to sell the home she once shared with her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, a new report from Page Six revealed. Reportedly, the 55-year-old television show host dropped the price of her Livingston, New Jersey, property to $1,699,000 from $1,895,000.

Realtor was the first to report on the decrease in price. Page Six revealed previously that Wendy and Kevin picked the house up for $2.1 million back in 2009, which is in the Bel Air gated community.

Initially, the home was up for sale on the internet, however, following the news of their separation, internet trolls attacked the listing, so they had to take it down. They later put it back up.

Back in September, Wendy left her old home and moved to the Manhattan Financial District. She lived in an apartment that cost approximately $15,000 per month.

Even though the separation between the pair is still going through the courts, Wendy agreed to pay him $250,000 so he could find a new place to live. Legal documents from Page Six reported that Kevin had to move out of the suburban house to move on with the selling process.

Fans of Williams know she and Kevin broke up and later filed for divorce in April when it was revealed he had a baby with Sharina Hudson, his mistress at the time. In April 2019, the aforementioned publication confirmed it was over for Kevin and Wendy.

There were rumors for months that she and her man were going to split up after twenty-two years of marriage. Court documents pointed out previously that Kevin and Wendy were parting ways due to "irreconcilable differences."

News of their divorce came not long after reports pointed out that Wendy was seen without a wedding ring in a social media post from her makeup artist and hairstylist. For years, fans online and gossip tabloids claimed there was infidelity between them, however, it was never confirmed by either party.

Wendy stated on the show in one episode that she was still "very much in love" with Kevin, and the wedding band wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon.

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