Home Of Rapper YG Raided By The Police Due To Robbery Case

Home Of Rapper YG Raided By The Police Due To Robbery Case
Credit: Source: Billboard.com

The home of the rapper, YG, was recently the target of a police raid a new report from Page Six revealed. Police burst through the rapper's doors of his San Fernando Valley house. TMZ was the first to report that the LA County Sheriff's deputies stopped by the rapper's home around 4:00 am in the morning Friday with a search warrant.

The search warrant and arrest warrant reportedly had something to do with a robbery case. TMZ claims the rapper was subsequently booked on robbery charges. YG, who hails from Compton, California, was found to be the owner of an SUV involved in a shooting earlier in Los Angeles in which people were killed.

YG said to TMZ that he had no idea how his Cadillac Escalade was tied to the robbery, because he was in Hollywood in the studio all day, and not at the scene of the crime. YG claims he was there until midnight on the 4th of July and didn't learn about the events until after they went down.

YG is no stranger to controversy, although, in the last few months the reports have been far milder. For instance, earlier this year, the rapper took to his Instagram to address the comments he had made in the past toward the LGBT community.

The rapper claimed he has learned a lot from his mistakes, consequently, becoming a stronger and more compassionate person in the process.

Reportedly, it's not clear why YG apologized to the LGBT community, as the remarks appeared to come out of nowhere. Some fans on social media speculated that his relationship with Kehlani - who happens to be bi-sexual - may have had something to do with it.

A few of his fans online suggested that it was Kehlani who led him to change. As it was previously reported, YG and Kehlani were first spotted together back in September. Their relationship was later confirmed when they were hanging out at Kith's New York Fashion Week.

It wasn't until long, however, when a clip surfaced online of the rapper kissing another woman. His team released a statement claiming he regretted kissing her, also stating that he had too many drinks that night.

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