Home Invader Vandalizes 12 Of Billy Joel's Precious Motorcycles

Home Invader Vandalizes 12 Of Billy Joel's Precious Motorcycles
Credit: Source: RealClearLife.com

Celebrities are often the targets of hooligans, a fact that could be easily backed up by the sheer amount of burglaries, robberies, and stalkers in the last few years, especially in the rise of social media culture, in which celebs often broadcast their location when they're either on the road or while working in another country.

Page Six recently reported on another celebrity who was the victim of the aforementioned transgressions, Billy Joel, whose home was broken into by a crook. The suspect vandalized approximately a dozen of the singer's motorcycles, TMZ reported.

During a conversation with The Post, the Nassau County police claimed the break-in went down around 3:30 pm Saturday and 8:15 am, on Monday morning. Additionally, Billy's home office was reportedly vandalized.

Police, via TMZ, claimed that the burglar must've broken through a glass door leading to the garage. Billy Joel lives in the Centre Island sprawl, TMZ reported. On Monday morning, Billy discovered all of the damage, and the police are now investigating.

Fans of Billy Joel know he's a motorcycle enthusiast and many of his bikes are on display at the 20th Century Cycles in Oyster Bay. Despite the fact the crook vandalized the piano player's motorcycles, he/she never actually stole anything.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Another celebrity to fall victim to a home invader was Wayne Newton, who testified back in July 2019 after he had to frighten off two men who broke into his house.

It was reported last year that Wayne stood up before a jury in Nevada to explain his story in detail, including how he and his wife stood up to the criminals. Back in 2018, Wayne, his teenage daughter, and his spouse, were at home when two men barged into their home.

Wayne claimed his wife was "in hysterics," and she urged him to shoot them because they were going to hurt their dogs with a "tire iron." Rather than kill the men, Wayne shot the gun up in the air. Later, Wayne's wife claimed she never told him to kill them.

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