Hoda Kotb Leaving 'Today' Too? Matt Lauer's Replacement Reportedly Caught Complaining About The Show

Hoda Kotb Leaving 'Today' Too? Matt Lauer's Replacement Reportedly Caught Complaining About The Show
Credit: Source: NBC

Today might be losing another cast member following Kathie Lee Gifford’s exit. Matt Lauer’s replacement, Hoda Kotb, has reportedly been complaining about having to co-host with Gifford until she leaves the show this spring.

Is Kotb thinking about jumping ship as well?

An inside source told Radar Online that Kotb does not like the format of her segment and complained to executives about Gifford’s slow exit.

“Hoda is over buddying up with Kathie Lee, as well as the whole format of the show,” an insider shared.

The source revealed that Kotb’s complaints caused a huge panic at the network, and NBC execs are desperate to keep her on the fourth hour of the show.

Kotb and Gifford started hosting together in 2008 and quickly developed a sister-like bond.

Their relationship changed when Kotb sparked up a romance with Joel Schiffman and adopted a girl, Haley Joy.

After NBC fired Lauer for sexual harassment, the network promoted Kotb to co-host the first two segments of the show.

With Kotb spending more time on the first half of the show, sources claim that she no longer hangs out with Gifford – both professionally and personally.

She also reportedly dislikes her old post and believes it is more of an entertainment segment than anything else, especially with Gifford always drinking wine on set.

Although Kotb is looking to leave the fourth hour, she allegedly enjoys being a part of Today . NBC also appreciates her work and wants to keep her around.

If Kotb decides to ditch her old post, however, then NBC will have to find two replacements hosts after Gifford calls it quits.

Speaking of Gifford, NBC reportedly cannot wait until she is gone. Gifford is set to leave the series this coming April and recently confirmed her departure on air.

Kotb has not commented on the rumors surrounding her future on Today . While it sounds like she is unhappy with Gifford, Hoda Kotb has not given any indication that she wants to leave the show altogether, which is definitely a plus.

Today airs weekdays on NBC.

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