Hip-Hop Artist Kent Won't Stop Found Deceased In The Back Of A Car

Hip-Hop Artist Kent Won't Stop Found Deceased In The Back Of A Car
Credit: Source: Instagram.com

A report from Hot New Hip Hop this week revealed that the 25-year-old Virginia rapper , Brian Trotter, was found deceased in the trunk of a car after an incident in Miami, Florida. Reportedly, Trotter, who went by the name, Kent Won't Stop, was an up and coming hip-hop artist.

In addition to facing charges for illegal transport of human remains, the 25-year-old Deupree Avery Coltrain was also charged with Brian's murder. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who was the first to pick up on the news, says the Miami-Dade police were called regarding a car collision on a highway.

When the cops arrived at the scene of the crime, they noticed something wasn't right and subsequently began investigating Mr. Coltran, who was then told to remove all of his items from the vehicle. The police discovered a gun case during the search.

The police also noticed the way flies were swarming around the back of the vehicle, which prompted them to look in the back, only to discover a decomposing body belonging to Mr. Trotter.

The last time Trotter was seen publicly was 10 days ago while leaving his home with Coltrain. They have accused him of shooting Kent Won't Stop multiple times. According to the publication, while Trotter wasn't incredibly famous, he had around 1000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

The two men knew each other well ever since they were children. This all comes after a 12-year-old rapper, Lil' Rodney, was given a 7-year sentence for murdering a 1-year-old toddler. As most know, this wouldn't be the first time that a rapper has been shot and killed.

At the start of the year, Pop Smoke, 20, was killed in an Airbnb after a group of young men broke onto the property and killed him. At the time, the police speculated it was a robbery gone wrong, but then police sources stated it was gang-related.

Additionally, Houdini, a 21-year-old Canadian artist from Toronto, Ontario, was murdered in the middle of the day in the city's entertainment district. During a press conference, the police chief came out to say that it was "completely unacceptable."

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