Hillary Duff Shames Paparazzi For Following Her And Her Kids

Hillary Duff Shames Paparazzi For Following Her And Her Kids
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Hillary Duff, 32, trashed three paparazzi in an Instagram Story this Friday. The star claims a group of men stalked her and her son when they were out in public. Page Six reports that Duff took to her social media to say she was just trying to move around with her children, and they had paparazzi following them everywhere.

According to Duff, it seems bizarre that in the modern era, at a time when women are getting more rights and responsibilities, such behavior even exists at all.

In the video, Duff points her camera at her son and asks him what he thinks about paparazzi following him around all day. Luca shakes his head as if to say he didn't like it one bit.

According to Page Six, Duff is a busy working mother these days, as she currently has a job in the TV drama-comedy, Younger, which is about to enter its seventh season in 2020. Additionally, she's supposed to take on her Lizzie McGuire role once again for Disney+.

This past week, Duff shared a photo of herself in Washington Square Park as she was about to start working on the reboot of the classic series that catapulted her into stardom. Duff isn't just an actress either.

The star recently began a makeup line with Nudestix, a crayon-based cosmetics business. Duff and Nudestix started working together officially in September of this year. Hillary isn't the only celebrity to complain about the paparazzi.

Earlier this year, Scarlett Johansson revealed she was chased by several black SUVs with strange men in them. The star claimed she was nearly caught up in an accident that may have killed her. Paparazzi tactics have been questioned significantly over the years.

In fact, even Prince Harry wrote a long op-ed for a self-hosted website in which he trashed the British tabloids for the treatment of his wife, Meghan Markle, whom he married last year in May. They had a baby this year named Archibald.

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