Hillary Clinton Reacts To Katy Perry Dressing Like Her

Hillary Clinton Reacts To Katy Perry Dressing Like Her
Source: Famous People

Hillary Clinton recently got a look at Katy Perry in her hilarious new Halloween costume. 32-year-old Perry decided to go dressed up as none other than Clinton herself. Katy's boyfriend, Orlando Bloom was dressed as a parody of Donald Trump. Clinton was quoted as saying “This is great! She could be me when we finish the campaign.”

Perry has not tried to make it a secret that she supports Clinton as the election comes to a boiling point. This campaign shows the dedication that she has to the cause.

You can find a picture of her online on the 28th of October with a caption that reads “Having a little pre-party before I take office #IMWITHME”

Orlando Bloom had a good time at the party as well. He decided that he was going to get a large orange wig and wear an over-sized head and hands, plus a Make America Great Again hat just to top it all off.

It got a little more hilarious from here. A good friend of Perry, Michael Kives, came dressed as a former president, and husband of the former candidate, Bill Clinton. They also had a couple of other friends who came dressed as secret service members.

Shockingly, when Bloom and Perry showed up to the party no one even recognized them. They were able to make it to the dance floor before they were pointed out by other friends at the party. One thing is for sure, it was a night with a lot of great laughs.

As for the election, it's getting harder and harder to say where it will going from here.


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